Saraswati… in you and me…

‘In you and me, Saraswati flows through that moment when we choose a creative path or make an intention. She lives in the ever-new creative instant when inspiration arises within the field of your consciousness. When an idea takes form, you can find her as the inner impulse that comes from somewhere deeper than your ordinary mind, ready to dance on your tongue. She undulates in the stillness before the notes come forth as your power to make connections between apparently disparate things, as the power to understand language, as intelligence in all its forms, as insight and rhetoric, and as the intuitive knowing that lets your recognise your own awareness as the field of enlightenment.. .

At her subtlest, Saraswati lives in that pulsing space at the root of sound, where silence gives birth to creative possibility. A hymn to Saraswati, by the Tantric sage Abhinavagupta praises this subtlest form of Saraswati like this: “No one knows your nature, nor is your inner reality known. You are the whole universe and you exist within it.”‘ – Sally Kempton, Awakening Shakti (Sounds True Inc 2013)

Artist: Danny O'Connor

Artist: Danny O’Connor


Return to You


Artist: Duy Huynh

The goddess who I know from the start

the one who keeps me to her dew-fragranced heart

the one who takes me in her mighty nimble arms

the one who shows me the way to my sun…

the one who gave me life in death

who stood by me when I ran for shade

who was by my side when I looked over the cliff,

you took the risk for me.

you were always there.. I know this now…

I walked a long way before I returned to you,

my way wound and wound before I understood thee.

You were always there, my love, inside of me,

why did I take such a time to see you though?

I don’t know whenever I think back now

on what ways was I wandering out,

why didn’t I see my mother was there,

all the time offering me her strength and care.

How many winded roads did I walk on and on?

How many sad moments I kept trudging along?

How many times I thought about the things that didn’t matter?

How much time did I need to see you were there?

Mother, the merciful, the loving, the forever one,

Mother, who created me and my world,

I ask you to always be in my thoughts,

to never let me forget your will is my lot,

to let me stand strong just like you have always done,

to be a warrior in life’s many twist and turns,

to stand tall on my legs,

to live in your grace,

to roar to be heard,

to smile when its hard,

to accept all that is sad and bad,

as parts of all that is good and glad.

To understand life is all that is true,

the dark, light, day and night,

And I will have to make it through.

There are no shortcuts

There are no winding ways

Everything is exactly how it was made.

My life will be smooth and effortless and worth

Only if I know you are there in my heart.

Mother, make me strong as your lean and strong hands

Mother, give me love in my heart for everyone,

Never let me hate even the one who hurt me bad…

Let me always understand, let me always see,

Let me be at ease, let me just be.

Let me never lose my humility, my hope,

Let me always live in your dreams as your own.

Let me know how you are the start and ending dot

Let me see what’s true and all that is not.