Images of Her 3

‘The simplest and most profound meaning of the image of the Goddess is the legitimacy and goodness of female power, the female body, and female will. The image of the Goddess is transformative because the image of God as male has been deeply internalized in western culture.’ — Carol P. Christ, Rebirth of the Goddess: finding meaning in feminist spirituality, page 8.

Artist: Alexi Francis

Artist: Alexi Francis




The Great Mother Rising

‘The Great Mother in Her many aspects — maiden, raging warrior, benevolent mother, death-dealing and all-wise crone, unknowable and ultimate wyrd — is now powerfully reemerging and rising again in human consciousness as we approach the twenty-first century. Isis, Mawu-Lisa, Demeter, Gaia, Shakti, Dakinis, Sekhinah, Astarte, Ishtar, Rhea, Freyja, Nerthus, Brigid, Danu — call Her what you may — has been with us from the beginning and awaits us now. She is the beauty of the green earth, the life-giving waters, the consuming fire, the radiant moon, and the fiery sun. She is Star Goddess and Spiderwoman; she weaves the luminous web that creates the universe. As earth, the great planetary Spirit-Being, She germinates life within her dark womb.’[1]

Artist: F. Rassouli

Artist: F. Rassouli

[1] Monica Sjoo and Barbara Mor, The Great Cosmic Mother (Harper San Francisco, 1991)

Images of Her 2

When we make our images, they reflect both the deep past of our souls and the future we want to create. The goddess’s images — they are everywhere, in everywoman, in the crowds and loneliness of our planet…….. let us give shape to our dreams and recognise her image around us.


Artist: Danny O’Connor

Images of Her 1

‘The symbol of Goddess has much to offer women who are struggling to be rid of the “powerful, pervasive, and long-lasting moods and motivations” of devaluation of female power, denigration of the female body, distrust of female will, and denial of the women’s bonds and heritage that have been engendered by patriarchal religion. As women struggle to create a new culture in which women’s power, bodies, will, and bonds are celebrated, it is natural that the Goddess would reemerge as symbol of the newfound beauty, strength, and power of women.’ — Carol P. Christ

Artist: Catalina Lira

Artist: Catalina Lira


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