Saraswati… in you and me…

‘In you and me, Saraswati flows through that moment when we choose a creative path or make an intention. She lives in the ever-new creative instant when inspiration arises within the field of your consciousness. When an idea takes form, you can find her as the inner impulse that comes from somewhere deeper than your ordinary mind, ready to dance on your tongue. She undulates in the stillness before the notes come forth as your power to make connections between apparently disparate things, as the power to understand language, as intelligence in all its forms, as insight and rhetoric, and as the intuitive knowing that lets your recognise your own awareness as the field of enlightenment.. .

At her subtlest, Saraswati lives in that pulsing space at the root of sound, where silence gives birth to creative possibility. A hymn to Saraswati, by the Tantric sage Abhinavagupta praises this subtlest form of Saraswati like this: “No one knows your nature, nor is your inner reality known. You are the whole universe and you exist within it.”‘ – Sally Kempton, Awakening Shakti (Sounds True Inc 2013)

Artist: Danny O'Connor

Artist: Danny O’Connor


One thought on “Saraswati… in you and me…

  1. Impetuous Saraswati

    Narrow stream of the foothills, you are all that remains
    of the magnificent impetuous Saraswati
    that flowed from Himalayan peaks
    across the plains to the sea, on whose banks
    a great civilization grew that worshipped feminine
    as well as masculine—a goddess of a river
    that produced a mighty stream of knowledge,
    language, learning, art and grace.

    Oh sublime Goddess still revered today—
    with your book and lute, water jug and white dress—
    subtle Goddess we can never forget—
    for we adore You above all others
    for the joy that courses through our daily lives,
    thanks, oh Goddess, oh Beauty, to You!


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